Nowość w Banku Millennium. Ułatwi pracę sklepów internetowych

Bank Millennium with something new. Many will benefit, although probably unconsciously

Bank Millennium has prepared a new product for its business clients operating in the e-commerce industry. This is the Millennium Pay payment gateway, which allows you to accept electronic payments for purchases in online stores.

Online stores in Poland are doing better and better, that's why Bank Millennium has prepared a new offer for entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce industry. It's a payment gateway Millennium Payprepared in cooperation with the payment operator PayTel.

To use it, you must have it company account at Bank Millennium and run an online store. Registration in the service is free, and customers can also benefit from a preferential commission rate 0.7% for the first year of using Millennium Pay. After this period, the rate will be 0.95%regardless of the turnover.

For starters, Millennium Pay offers the most popular payment methods:

  • quick transfers,
  • card payments,
  • BLIK.

Later, the service will be extended with the possibility of splitting payments into installments and deferring the payment deadline.

Entrepreneurs operating on the e-commerce market face many challenges every day. Many of them decide to take advantage of the offer of an account with Millennium Bank. Therefore, as a bank, we want to help them by providing solutions supporting the growth of online sales, and in the case of some of them, starting sales activities in this channel.

– said Tomasz Pol, Retail Banking Marketing Department at Bank Millennium

Millennium Pay is Bank Millennium's answer to the needs of e-commerce companies that are looking for simple and safe solutions. This is about securing customer data and preventing various types of online fraud. Millennium Pay also offers a service PayWatchwhich, thanks to the support of artificial intelligence, provides greater protection for e-sellers.

As PayTel, we make sure that the services we offer best meet the needs of the market. Cooperation with Bank Millennium in creating an online payment platform was quite a challenge, which we were happy to take on. Our solution ensures transaction security, speed and intuitiveness, which are the most important features for today's e-sellers and e-consumers.

– said Adam Tencza, Member of the Management Board of PayTel

For entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the world of e-commerce, Bank Millennium has prepared a special offer in cooperation with its partner, the operator of the Sellingo platform. After setting up an online store on the Sellingo platform, the bank's customers can do so test for 6 months for free. At the same time, they will also be able to use the Millennium Pay service.

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