Bank Millennium z nowością. U innych cieszy się ogromną popularnością

Bank Millennium with something new. It is extremely popular among others

Bank Millennium provides its customers with a new service that will allow them to defer payments.

Bank Millennium announced that it is providing its customers with the BLIK Pay Later service. This is a deferred payment system, which means that we can pay for the purchased products with a delay. It may be useful, e.g. in an urgent need, when we are short of payment and do not have appropriate funds.

Bank Millennium introduces BLIK Pay Later

BLIK Pay Later can now be used by the first customers of Bank Millennium. The service is systematically made available to all users of the Android banking application. In the future, it will also be available to people using Apple devices and iOS. The new solution is being introduced in cooperation with the Polish Payment Standard.

The deferred payments service is a response to the trends of modern e-commerce. We are glad that we are one of the first banks to offer it to Bank Millennium customers. The innovative form of payment is very useful in many situations, it allows you to buy products and services online without having to freeze your funds. Thanks to this, customers can better plan their expenses and take advantage of attractive promotions and discounts

– says Tomasz Pol, Director of Retail Banking Marketing at Bank Millennium.

Bank Millennium BLIK Pay Later

BLIK Pay Later allows you to postpone payment for purchased goods for 30 days. The service will be activated during the first transaction in the online store. Depending on their credit history, customers may receive a credit limit ranging from PLN 500 to PLN 4,000.

Then, in the Bank Millennium mobile application, they can control the amount of the granted limit, the amount used for purchases and the date by which they should repay it. If repayment is made within 30 days, the customer will not incur any additional costs.

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