Bank Millennium da ci kartę kredytową. Łatwiej niż kiedykolwiek

Bank Millennium will give you a credit card. Easier than ever

Bank Millennium customers can use the omnichannel credit card application process. Thanks to this, starting in one service channel, you can complete the application in another.

Bank Millennium made it available to customers omnichannel credit card application process. This means that an application registered in one service channel can be completed in another, and at each stage of the application the customer can obtain support from a bank employee.

The new process is comprehensive and allows you to apply for any credit card from the offer of Bank Millennium and additional services, including insurance. It also allows flexible setting of card parameters, for example the repayment date. It is divided into short steps that will allow you to quickly order a credit card.

The conclusion is automatically saved in the system. The customer can stop completing it, and it will remain there when it is resumed redirected to where he left off. An application started with a bank employee can be easily completed on the Millenet website or in the mobile application.

Similarly, when the customer starts completing the application online, in case of any difficulties or doubts, he or she can complete the application with an employee of the hotline or branch. When completing the online application, you can also use a contextual chat whenever you need consultant support.

Millennium credit cards banner

The application is adapted to the offer available to the client at a given time. If the bank assesses his creditworthiness based on previous cooperation, there is no need to attach additional documents, and the card is issued immediately. In this situation, the card can be tokenized in a few minutes (activate the virtual equivalent of the card in the mobile application) and use it immediately.

If the bank requires additional information from the client, the application is adjusted automatically. When the requested credit card limit is too high in relation to the customer’s creditworthiness, the bank does not refuse the card but automatically lowers the limit to the maximum value available to the customer.

The process is fully digital. All documents are available to the client on the Millenet website and mobile application and stored there. Thanks to this, they do not have to be printed. The customer accepts them online.

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