Bank Millennium wyłączy użyteczną funkcję. Na szczęście są zamienniki

Bank Millennium will disable a useful function. Fortunately, there are substitutes

Bank Millennium intends to introduce changes to its catalog of mobile payments – informs This will involve disabling the HCE service, i.e. contactless payments using a virtual payment card directly from the bank's application.

Before cards issued by Polish banks, it was possible to pay contactlessly through services such as: Apple Pay Whether Google Paysome banks have offered their customers the opportunity making contactless payments using the HCE service (Host Card Emulation). All you needed was a bank application with support for the appropriate function and a smartphone with NFC connectivity.

He also offered this type of service to his clients Bank Millennium, and now he is withdrawing from it. As reported by the website :

  • from April 20 this year you can no longer introduce new cards to the application to virtualize them,
  • from July 1, 2024 you will not be able to make payments using the HCE service.

Contactless payment by phone

Disabling the HCE service does not mean, of course, that Bank Millennium customers will not be able to pay contactless with a smartphone. There are other services at their disposal that make this possible. Contactless payments can be made with the bank's payment cards using digital wallets such as Google Pay Whether Apple Pay. Cards issued by Bank Millennium can be connected to the virtual wallet of any of the most important providers of such a service. You can also use BLIK contactless payments.

According to, Bank Millenium has introduced the HCE service to its offer as the first in Poland and kept it the longest of all.

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