Bank Millennium odświeżył aplikację. Sprawdź, co się zmieniło

Bank Millennium has refreshed the application. Check what has changed

Bank Millennium has prepared a new version of the mobile application for its clients. The bank has simplified the way you navigate this tool, and the pages of individual products have also changed.

The first customers of Bank Millennium receive access to the bank's mobile application in a new, refreshed version. Available on mobile devices with Android and iOS, the tool is now even easier to use.

In line with the expectations of our clients, we focused on evolution instead of revolution. We change application elements in line with the latest market trends and standards. Even if the products we offer are slightly more complex, the banking application itself should be as simple and intuitive as many others we use every day. We are pleased that this goal can be consistently achieved and our ideas are recognized and positively received. We have conducted a lot of research with users to make sure that the changes we propose are consistent with their needs and take the application to an even higher level.

– said Halina Karpińska, director of the Electronic Banking Department of Bank Millennium

According to Bank Millennium, the service method has been improved in the refreshed mobile application. Navigation elements have been moved from the side panel to the icons at the bottom, so all the most important sections are within the user's thumb. The content of individual sections has also been organized and divided into Payments, Products, Offer and More. This last option will include additional products of Bank Millennium.

In the new version of the Bank Millennium mobile application all product pages have also been refreshed, for example regarding accounts, cards or deposits. Many of them have gained new functions, such as viewing all card data after additional authorization. It is in the upper left corner space for a profile section. Here you can edit your data, view documents and contracts, quickly contact a consultant or switch to a company profile (if the client has one).

Bank Millennium application

From a technology point of view, what is important is what cannot be seen, i.e. a completely refreshed mobile platform. We used modern technologies to create application interfaces and proven service architecture based on microservices, which give us new development opportunities. Thanks to this, the new version of our mobile application is attractive to customers and constitutes a solid foundation for future innovations.

– emphasized Piotr Skopiński, director of the Application Development Department of Bank Millennium

They will be the first to use the refreshed application new customerswho are just starting a relationship with Bank Millennium. The solutions will be made available to existing users gradually. Bank Millennium recommends that its customers have the most up-to-date version of the application available in the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery. The process of releasing the application in the new version is about to be completed in August this year.

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