awesome AI isn’t just limited to Photoshop

Adobe is launching a public beta of its Express application, used for design and which is in the same vein as Canva. But to go further, it will integrate Firefly, Adobe’s generative artificial intelligence, already present in Photoshop.

Canva has kind of changed the way we do graphics on a computer. Through its accessibility, its model freemium and its famous templates, the tool now boasts more than 100 million active users each month. A threat to Adobe, king of graphics software, which must react to this competition, especially since in recent months it has been possible to generate images by artificial intelligence on Canva. The equivalent at Adobe named Express, will get started too.

Adobe Firefly arrives in beta on Express

Adobe announces the launch of a beta version of Adobe Express, its design software available on computers, smartphones and browsers. The main change made is huge: the integration of Firefly in the application. This is the generative AI that arrived a few weeks ago in Photoshop, which is added to a new application in the Adobe suite. This tool allows to generate images and text effects from a simple prompt for the creation of content for social networks“.

The difference with Photoshop is that this time, Firefly can be used directly from a browser, but also from mobile versions of Adobe Express. For the latter, this is not the case at the launch of the beta, but it will be thereafter. Be careful also, the version of Firefly in Express is different from that on Photoshop. We can assume that the model of the first will be less powerful than that of the second.

The demonstration that Adobe gave us was quite simple: in a text field, we write a description of what we want to generate. Then, Firefly creates four visuals with different proposals and we can choose the one we want to add. Firefly also allows you totext to effect, which is effect text. This allows you to create effects on the titles. After filling in a text field, choosing a font and a thickness, you can write a description on which Firefly will base the generation.

The point on which Adobe supports and wishes to seduce professionals is on the rights of use of images. The images generated may be used for commercial purposes, which is also the case with Canva for comparison. In addition, Firefly will appear in Bard, Google’s AI chatbot. The generated images can be reused or modified directly in Express.

The other new features of Adobe Express announced: more collaborations, more compatibilities

Alongside the integration of generative AI, Adobe Express is seeing the addition of new creation templates: animations, pre-built frameworks for social networks, etc. Again, Adobe wants to strengthen competition with Canva.

On the other hand, Adobe must also conquer those who are already customers. This is for the company adds to have strengthened compatibility between Express and its other software. For example, one can embed a Photoshop file into an Express file and the two are synchronized. You can also open the said file from Express, or even save an Express file in Photoshop format. In addition, Adobe adds the compatibility of PDF files and more generally of the Acrobat format with that of Express.

Finally, Express is completed with real-time multi-party editing for collaboration. Adobe also says it will be easier to share and comment on app files. Everything is in fact managed via the publisher’s Creative Cloud, equivalent for graphics to Google Drive or OneDrive.

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