Autopay chwali się wydajnością. Obsługuje do 300 tys. transakcji na godzinę

Autopay boasts of efficiency. Supports up to 300 thousand transactions per hour

Autopay boasts of the high scalability of its payment platform, thanks to which it can handle up to 300,000 transactions per hour. The company already handles almost 150 million transactions annually.

Autopay took action that have increased the efficiency of the payment gateway many times over companies. This is related to the company's extensive development plans and the expansion of the functionality of its payment system.

We have introduced new payment methods, such as Visa Mobile, giropay, the “Buy now, pay later” product package and installment products. Additionally, we have invested in improvements for business customers by introducing a new Merchant Panel and improving the onboarding process, especially for eCommerce solution integrators. Our investments also include increasing the level of security and speed of transaction processing, including the implementation of Visa and Mastercard tokenization. We strive to make our service processes invisible and tailored to the customer's needs as much as possible.

– said Katarzyna Dmitrus, product leader at Autopay

Autopay also launched the last element of the value chain in card payments, i.e. processing.

Our card payment processing platform is cloud-based and includes 3D-Secure. We provide direct, highly scalable connection to Visa and Mastercard card networks and immediate access to current data thanks to easy-to-use API interfaces. Thanks to the platform, we support our own settlement agent license, but we are also ready to support other entities that are looking for a partner to process card payments.

– added Katarzyna Dmitrus

Increasing opportunities for e-commerce

Autopay boasts that it constantly adapts its solutions to the expectations of its business partners and can easily integrate them with other systems they already use. This year, Autopay's offer includes a large selection of modules enabling quick onboarding of partner customers and analysis of sales in various market segments. There are also new solutions in the field of hyperpersonalization of the advertising offer.

People start using the Autopay payment system every year up to 25 thousand new merchants (online sellers). For this reason, in recent years the company has invested in significantly improving transaction processing and settlement processes with merchants. Importantly, the company makes it available to its business partners even dozens of payment methodsthat its customers can use.

By “collecting” funds, Autopay performs one settlement transfer instead of many for each payment method.

This makes the entire process easier and eliminates the need to parameterize settlements. Regardless of the number of payment methods. All we need to do is receive an account to which we should make transfers.

– explained Katarzyna Dmitrus from Autopay

Autopay already offers settlements from the next business day after receiving paymentand in some cases even on the same day.

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