Auchan wprowadził elektroniczne etykiety

Auchan wants to be like Lidl. One important thing will change

The Auchan chain has joined the group of stores using electronic labels.

Auchan is chasing Lidl and Żabka

Electronic labels are already present in 34 Auchan stores. Similarly to Żabka and Lidl stores, small E Ink screens were also used here. They are characterized by excellent readability and low energy consumption – if the price is changed even twice a day, such a label can work for 10 years without replacing the battery.

Prices are changed in real time, so there is no risk that the customer will take goods from the shelf without full information about their price. This has a positive impact on shopping satisfaction. In addition, labels in Auchan stores may change color to red, which makes it easier for customers to recognize the goods covered by the promotion. Store employees have much less work to do with replacing price boxes.

Additionally, the labels contain illuminated elements and NFC chips. Thanks to them, a store employee equipped with a scanner has an easier task when completing online orders and similar tasks.

Another benefit is saving paper. Electronic labels are being introduced gradually. The 34 stores that already use them have saved a total of 750 kg of paper.

Auchan started modestly, but plans to replace paper labels with electronic ones in all its stores.

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