Uwaga klienci PKO BP. Jest pilny komunikat

Attention PKO BP customers. There is an urgent message

Fake websites or text messages trying to extort data and money from us are now a daily occurrence. You have to keep your eyes and ears open so as not to be fooled. Another trap was set for PKO BP bank users. Here's what you need to see to avoid falling for it.

A fake website impersonating the PKO BP bank

Criminals who steal money from PKO BP customers have started the attack again. It must be admitted that time after time they show more and more creativity. This time they created a fake website, confusingly similar to the website of a respected banking institution, PKO BP.

This is what the fake PKO BP website looks like

Fake PKO BP bank website on the Internet

The matter is extremely serious and may result in serious consequences. Remember, always make sure that the website where the login window is located belongs to a real bank. One extra letter in the address and it can mean so much. Never enter your login details unless you have completely checked the bank's website address.

What are the risks of entering your login and password on such a fake website?

Well, fraudsters can wipe out your account to zero. Entering data on a suspicious website may result in irreversible loss of funds.

Check the website address carefully and don't get robbed. Remember, sometimes one letter has a huge meaning.

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