Attention!  Mandatory replacement of meters.  Some will have to pay

Attention! Mandatory replacement of meters. Some will have to pay

A major replacement of electricity meters is underway in Poland. Ultimately, we will all use modern devices, and the entire process will be free. However, there are situations when the operator may charge a fee.

All suppliers in Poland have been obliged to replace electricity meters with intelligent models. This process has varying degrees of success. Energa has already replaced 2 out of 3.3 million devices, Tauron about 20%. all meters, and PGE only a few hundred thousand out of the total pool of 5.5 million – informs Gazeta Wyborcza.

Replacement of electricity meters

According to the regulations, by the end of 2025 at least 25 percent All electricity meters must be modern devices that allow remote reading. The complete replacement process is to be completed by 2030. The replacement itself is free, and its costs are borne by the suppliers. However, there are cases when we have to pay for it.

The electricity supplier may charge a fee when we request a faster meter replacement. In this case, if we want to skip the long queue, we will have to pay several hundred zlotys. The process itself takes only 15-20 minutes and during it the installer will have to disconnect the power supply to the apartment. In most cases, the exchange can be carried out without the customer’s involvement. The exception is when the device is located, for example, inside the apartment.

Modern meters have several advantages. First of all, they allow remote reading in real time. Secondly, they have security features that protect against fraud. Applying a neodymium magnet to slow down the device will no longer work in their case.

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