Attack on Poles' money.  Vulnerable users of a known application

Attack on Poles’ money. Vulnerable users of a known application

NASK warns against a new threat. This time, the fraudsters targeted users of the platform.

There is no shortage of fraudsters in the world who operate dynamically on the Internet and take advantage of Internet users’ naivety or lack of attention. They often impersonate banks, government websites or financial companies just to get your details or access to your account. This time their target is kcustomers of the Booking accommodation booking platform.

CERT Polska warns. Fraudsters prey on Booking customers

Recently, we have observed increased activity of cybercriminals, as reported by the Bankier portal, one of the fraudsters’ targets is Booking platform customerscommonly used to book hotels and hostels.

According to experts from NASK, platform users get: e-mail messages to confirm the reservation. Once again, fraudsters rely on fear and haste, as the crafted message contains information that if no action is taken, the reservation will be canceled.

In fact, the link you sent takes us there to a fake website, where the form is located. In this way, fraudsters extort personal data and payment card details. CERT Polska appeals to verify the e-mail address from which we receive the message.

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