Atak na klientów znanego banku. Oto instrukcja jak postępować

Attack on customers of a well-known bank. Here are instructions on how to proceed

CSIRT KNF warns not to fall for the tricks of cybercriminals. This time, the fraudsters impersonate the popular bank BNP Paribas.

Whenever it seems that the attempts to obtain bank credentials are exhausted, because it is difficult to fool people with the same trick over and over again, the criminals come back. This means that despite trumpeting from all sides, there are still people who have not yet heard about these scams as old as time. This time they became the target of fraudsters clients of the famous BNP Paribas bank.

BNP Paribas clients are at risk

CSIRT KNF, i.e. the Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Polish financial sector, announced that BNP Paribas clients were targeted by fraudsters. The fraudsters have created a fake website that looks identical to the bank’s real website.

They reach potential victims through… advertising on social media. The displayed domain in the ad is correct, but after clicking the link, we are taken to a fake website. Scammers encourage you to download the “new Paribas Plus application”. The customer would receive PLN 900 for the installation alone. This is an obvious scam and the app you downloaded is dangerous.

Understandably, you should not install the application under any circumstances, let alone provide any data there. It is best to report false ads using the form on Facebook.

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