Pułapka na użytkowników Allegro. W tle niedostępny towar

Attack on Allegro users. It starts with a return

Recently, a massive phishing campaign has been launched targeting customers of the Allegro auction company. Some people may become recipients of fake emails.

December 1999 is considered the official beginning of Allegro. Since then, the company has come a long way, initially offering its services only in Poland, but soon expanding its operations to other European countries. Currently, the platform can be used in six countries on the Old Continent and it is also the largest platform of this type in Europe. It is no wonder that it is also a tasty morsel for all kinds of fraudsters.

Allegro customers are at risk

CSIRT KNF again warns Internet users about the threat. This time it’s about Allegro auction website, which is also the largest portal of this type in Poland. Scammers send fake emails to random addresses, hoping that they will reach the store’s customers.

The content of such messages shows that previously ordered goods are not available and a link appears asking you to confirm the refund. In fact, it redirects you to a fake website where fraudsters steal payment card details.

Allegro has already commented on the whole situation, informing: “Thank you for your report. If you receive a suspicious message related to Allegro, please forward it to us, along with screenshots, to phishing@allegro.pl – we will deal with the matter immediately.”

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