Bankomat pułapka. Zdemaskował oszusta

ATM trap. He exposed the fraudster

The 84-year-old resident of Italy has been pretending to be blind for years and receiving the pension due to him in such a case. He got caught because he withdrew money from an ATM.

Fraud of social benefits is not a particularly sophisticated crime, but it is rare for a fraudster to manage to operate in this way for as long as 34 years.

The 84-year-old resident of Cirie in Piedmont, according to the documentation presented, has been for many years a partially blind person, but in 2020 he lost his sight completely. This was confirmed by certificates issued by two doctors.

The thing is that while observing the man, the carabinieri noticed him withdrawing money from an ATM without any difficulty. He can also read obituaries and deftly avoids obstacles on the sidewalk.

He was charged with fraud, and the prosecutor confiscated the funds in the account and the apartment to repay the extorted funds. The doctors involved in the case are also to be charged.

Interestingly, this is not the first such situation in the region. Earlier, another fake blind man was caught driving a delivery van. He obtained a disability pension for a total amount of PLN 100,000. euro.

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