At only 17.99 euros per month, this fiber offer is the cheapest of the summer

At the moment, Bouygues Telecom offers the most affordable fiber offer on the market. At 17.99 euros per month for a year for a speed of 400 Mb / s, you will not find better elsewhere.

Usually billed between 30 and 50 euros per month, fiber packages can cost up to 600 euros a year (even more in some cases). A significant annual expense that can be reduced… by going to see what the competition is doing.

This week, Bouygues Telecom is posting one of, if not the lowest price on the market. Its Bbox offer is indeed only 17.99 euros per month for the first year. A quick calculation shows that the subscription costs only 215.88 euros the first year. A great economy.

The Bbox fiber subscription: the essentials at a low price

In order to maintain excellent value for money, the Bbox fit focuses on the heart of a good fiber package: the Internet connection. Bouygues Telecom’s offer provides a download speed of 400 Mbit/s and an upload speed of 400 Mbit/s. A speed that allows you to watch movies in streaming in very good quality as well as to quickly browse the web. Above all, this package allows players to download heavy games like Diablo IV and its 80 GB in barely half an hour.

In this offer, the TV box is not present. It’s for a good cause, because its absence prevents the bill from skyrocketing. Bouygues Telecom has thought of everything: it is quite possible to watch television via the B.Tv application (available on the Google Play Store as on the App Store). Free for Bouygues Telecom customers, this application gives access to classic channel packages and DTT. Pay channels can also be viewed, subject to paying a small supplement. Especially since they are non-binding and can therefore be terminated at any time.

Subscribers also benefit from a fixed telephone line with unlimited calls to landlines in France in more than 110 countries. It is allowed to call up to 199 different correspondents every month. Beyond this limit, you will have to pay a few extra euros to cover the non-package.

Easily accessible services

Bouygues Telecom does not just offer a low-cost fiber package: it also makes life easier for its subscribers and future customers. The operator takes care of all the administrative procedures and automatically terminates the old Internet subscription. Better, the installation of the new offer is done without the slightest interruption of services.

Once your fiber eligibility has been verified on the Bouygues Telecom website, you can keep your current phone number by providing your RIO code when registering.

In the event of inconvenience, the mobile application provided by Bouygues Telecom makes it possible to assess the level of Wi-Fi in the accommodation.

The Bbox fit is the good plan of the summer

Considering its price, the Bbox fit is one of the best ways to increase your purchasing power at the end of the month. Indeed, this fiber package displays a price of 17.99 euros per month for one year instead of 31.99 euros.

Once the year has passed, the package returns to its original rate. However, the Bbox Fit only requires one year of commitment. The subscriber can therefore manage his subscription as he pleases after 12 months.

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