ASUS ROG Keris II Ace, czyli myszka dla największych wyjadaczy

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace, a mouse for the most experienced players

If you are looking for a lightweight rodent with top specifications, ASUS has something just for you. The competition may hide, but it's not cheap.

Each of us has different requirements for computer peripherals. This is understandable considering the differences in our body structure, the appearance and location of the computer workstation, and how we use the PC. After all, you need different equipment to browse the Internet, different to work, and different to play.

ASUS offers a resolution of up to 42,000 DPI

Even in the latter case, different game genres can make a lot of difference. If you are a fan of dynamic online titles, then… ASUS has something for you. We are talking about the flagship rodent presented on CES 2024.

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace is a wireless gaming mouse with dimensions of 121 x 67 x 42 millimeters and weight 54 grams. A proprietary sensor is hidden inside ROG AimPoint Pro and lifetime optical switches up to 100 million clicks. The shape is adapted to right-handed people.

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace, a mouse for the most experienced players

The sensor offers resolution up to 42,000 DPImaximum speed up to 750 IPS and acceleration up to 50 G. The built-in battery allows for up to 134 hours of non-stop fun with Bluetooth connection without LED backlight turned on. There is also an option to connect a USB Type-C cable.

ASUS ROG Keris II Ace, a mouse for the most experienced players

What additionally distinguishes the Taiwanese proposal from the competition is: very high reporting frequency. In the case of wireless, it is 4000 Hzand “via cable” is already about 8000Hz.

The ASUS ROG Keris II Ace mouse will go on sale soon with a suggested price of EUR 179.99, i.e. approximately PLN 775. There is a choice black and white color version. The set also includes sliders and a set of tapes that increase the grip of the mouse.

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