ASUS wyciąga asa z rękawa. Konkurencja może się schować

ASUS ROG Ally X officially. We know the presentation date

Were you planning to buy a new handheld? Then it's worth waiting a while. An improved version of the Taiwanese console, ASUS ROG Ally X, is coming to the market.

As we informed you yesterday, ASUS revealed the secret about his new portable console. However, this is not the next generation, but rather a refreshment of the offer. Talking about ASUS ROG Ally Xwhich will have, among other things, a larger battery, space for a larger SSD and an improved SD card slot.

The ASUS ROG Ally X console will be shown on June 2

Key elements such as the APU system and the screen remain unchanged. Still talking about AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme (8R/16W, up to 5.1 GHz) and a 7″ matrix with Full HD@120 Hz resolution. However, we are going to get more RAM to better feed the iGPU. How much? This remains a mystery. However, it must be assumed 24 or 32 GB.

Although the Taiwanese do not reveal the capacity of the new battery, it is supposed to have it at least 50% more capacity. What does it mean? At least 3 hours of gameplay, in the most demanding scenario. Of course this results in a greater mass of the consolebut the dimensions themselves should be similar.

ASUS pulls an ace out of its sleeve.  The competition can hide

From now on, users will be able to use M.2 2230 format semiconductor media M.2 2280. So SSD as in desktop computers, which are the most abundant on the market and are the cheapest. And the SD card slot has been moved away from the cooling holes, which is what it has eliminate problems with memory killing.

ASUS also promises greater repairability of the consoleimproved D-Pad, changed joystick and triggers. However, all this comes with a higher pricealthough the original ASUS ROG Ally (2023) will remain on sale and can count on promotions. We will also get a new black housing color.

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