ASUS ROG Ally 2 jeszcze w tym roku? Producent się wygadał

ASUS ROG Ally 2 this year? The producer spilled the beans

ASUS ROG Ally will have a successor this year. The new reports come straight from the manufacturer.

ASUS ROG Ally it is one of the first “consoles” to hit the market as direct competition for Steam Deck. As it turns out, despite only being on the market for a year, the manufacturer is already preparing a successor to its compact computer.

ASUS ROG Ally 2 later this year, but the specifications are a secret

ASUS’ new portable console would go on sale later this year. He provided this information Arnold Su, one of the vice presidents of the company’s Indian branch. According to him, the new platform will still retain the full functionality of Windows, but will be even more focused on gaming. What exactly lies behind this enigmatic statement? We have no idea.

Unfortunately, Arnold Su did not reveal any details about the specifications of the new ROG Ally model. It can be assumed that the device will be equipped with new APU systems from the family AMD Strix Point, which are scheduled to debut this year. For the new console, this would mean a clear increase in performance compared to its predecessor, mainly related to increasing the number of processor cores (4x Zen5 and 8x Zen5c) and graphics system (16 CU RDNA 3.5). How this would translate into the real capabilities of the device is still a matter of speculation.

It is worth noting, however, that the new ASUS ROG Ally will hit a much more crowded market than its predecessor. Just as the first generation really only had to worry about the Steam Deck, most major manufacturers currently offer similar consoles, such as Lenovo Legion Go or MSI Claw. The second generation of Nintendo Switch should also debut this yearwhich will compete largely for the same customers. In short, there are going to be several incredibly interesting months from the perspective of mobile gamers.

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