Asus launches a range of ultra-compact PCs for both gamers and work

Is the NUC miniPC segment about to experience a second youth? While Asus officially took over the Intel project abandoned this summer, the manufacturer is preparing to launch several new ranges of compact and high-performance machines.

After an end announced last July and a surprise rescue by Asus, Intel’s NUCs (Next Unit of Compute) are officially returning to the forefront. The brand takes up the philosophy at the heart of the NUC: very small and modular systems integrating architectures dedicated to both professionals and players. Originally a technological showcase going beyond proof of concept for Intel, the NUCs did not meet with the expected success, pushing the processor manufacturer to abandon their marketing. Asus therefore took up the concept and was quick to offer these high-performance mini-PCs for sale and seems determined to extend the range in the future.

Currently, the manufacturer offers no more and no less than the models previously sold by Intel. We therefore find the NUC 13 Pro and its ultra-compact format embedding a 13th generation Intel processor intended for professionals. It is accompanied by the NUC 13 Extreme for gamers, with its much more imposing case, but with a superior technical sheet: support for DDR5, overclockable processors up to Core i9 and above all the addition of a dedicated triple graphics card. slot with a maximum length of 30.5 centimeters. You can therefore connect the Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 7700

Asus’ offensive in the NUC segment is launched

Asus does not intend to stop at a simple rebranding machines designed by Intel: the manufacturer has already announced support for Intel’s future Meteor Lake processors on future machines. THE gaming will obviously be a priority for Asus, which also revealed its ROG G22CH mini-PC last August, a compact machine with a hybrid cooling system between air and water cooling capable of embedding Nvidia RTX 4070 GPUs.

The machine is officially launched for Asus NUCs, with a range that will expand for every use and every budget. If we still don’t know their release dates, it’s a safe bet that they will appear on the shelves following the official announcement of the next generation of Intel processors at the Intel Innovation show on the 19th and 20th. next September.

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