Procesory Arrow Lake zaliczą spory regres pod kątem taktowania

Arrow Lake processors will see a significant regression in terms of clock speed

The new Intel Core Ultra 200 processors from the Arrow Lake series are to have much lower clock speeds than the Raptor Lake units currently available on the market.

This year, Intel should present new processors from the Arrow Lake series. These will receive a completely new designation: Intel Core Ultra 200. Surprisingly, they will have lower clock speeds than the Raptor Lake models currently available for sale, e.g. Core i9-14900K.

Intel Core Ultra 200 specifications

This information appeared on the Chinese Weibo forum, which is often a source of leaks about the hardware market. They show that the most powerful Core Ultra 285K model in Intel's offer will be capable of clocking up to 5.5 GHz by default. For comparison, the Core i9-14900K has a clock speed of up to 6.0 GHz, and the KS variant has a clock speed of up to 6.2 GHz.

In terms of performance, this means a big regression. Of course, a completely new architecture is also at stake. It was previously said that the single core of Arrow Lake would be approximately 10-12 percent larger. faster than Raptor Lake. However, combined with lower clock speeds, the differences between generations may not be as large as we would expect.

Moreover, the new processors are expected to be more expensive than their predecessors. Slightly, but still. It is also worth mentioning that they will not support Hyper Threading technology, which means that 24-core systems (and Core Ultra 285K is to be one) will support 24 threads. Moreover, the new processors will be equipped with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) units to support AI.

Such a significant reduction in clock speed may also be caused by recent problems with processor stability. Intel may want to avoid similar problems and therefore gives motherboard manufacturers more room to possibly increase the clock or voltage.

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