Korzystasz z darmowego GeForce Now? To nie będziesz zadowolony

Are you using the free GeForce Now? Then you won’t be satisfied

NVIDIA announced an important change for users of the free version of the GeForce Now service. If you are one of them, you probably won’t be satisfied.

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that is gaining popularity. Its great advantage is integration with, among others, Steam, GOG, Epic Games Launcher and Ubisoft Connect, thanks to which we can use the games we already have. Plus, it’s free to use, although with some restrictions. And the free version will undergo some changes that users will probably not like.

GeForce Now with ads

NVIDIA sent users of the free version of GeForce Now information about a small but important change. After selecting a game but before it starts, the service will start displaying ads no longer than 2 minutes long. These will only appear before the game and will not affect the game itself.

NVIDIA says this small change will help ensure ongoing support for the free service. Additionally, the company anticipates that the introduction of ads will, over time, reduce the average waiting time to start a session for free users.

Importantly, the change applies only to free accounts. Users of paid Priority and Ultimate plans will not see any ads and will be able to use GeForce Now in the same way as before. For them, nothing changes.

The change enters into force on March 5 (Tuesday).

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