Koszykówka jak klepanie wpływa na nasze wyniki

Are you slapping your friend like that? He will have better results

Progressive social changes have helped us better set the boundaries against harmful physical contacts. But there is a touch that you don't have to be afraid of. It helps us achieve better results.

Scientists from the University of Basel proved that friendly pats influence results achieved in sports. The researchers studied basketball and free throws performed during a match. It turned out that “patted down” players achieved better results. Where does this effect come from?

Good touch

Free throws are one of the most stressful moments during a match. The eyes of the entire audience and colleagues are focused on us, hence you can feel a lot of pressure. Very similar to penalty kicks in football. Although in the case of basketball we are talking about up to three chances to score a point. However, each of them is very stressful.

The researchers analyzed the videos covering a total of 60 women's matches with over 800 free kicks awarded. Then they decided to check the relationship between the amount of support received from friends in the form of physical contact (e.g. a pat on the shoulder or a handshake) and the number of points obtained. Application? Such a touch it increased the chances of success, although under one rather intriguing condition. Support it only worked after the first throw failed.

“The help of friends is most effective when the stress level is already high due to missing the first of two throws,” explains Christiane Büttner, author of the study described in the journal “Psychology of Sport and Exercise”. In her opinion, similar behaviors can reduce stress and help you achieve success during other team activities.

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