Planujesz zakup Nintendo Switch 2? Mamy dobre informacje

Are you planning to buy Nintendo Switch 2? We have good information

If you’re planning to buy a Nintendo Switch 2 this year, we have good news. This shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

All signs in heaven and on earth suggest that Nintendo Switch 2 will debut in the second half of 2024. The new console is expected to offer Xbox Series S-level performance and an 8-inch screen. If you can’t wait for the premiere, we have good news.

Nintendo Switch 2 premiere

We all remember what the situation was like with the premiere of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Both Sony and Microsoft were struggling with the crisis in the semiconductor market and the availability of consoles was severely limited. In the case of Nintendo Switch 2, this will not be a problem.

According to analysts from Omdia, the Japanese are ready to introduce as many as 10 million copies of the console to stores in the first year of Nintendo Switch 2’s life. Although this may not seem like much on a global scale, in reality such availability should allow all interested parties to purchase the device.

At the same time, fans of the OLED version are unlikely to be satisfied. Reports indicate that the first variant of the console will offer an LCD matrix. Only later will Nintendo present the Switch 2 in the OLED version.

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