Dajesz negatywa na Allegro? Musisz go uzasadnić

Are you giving a negative comment on Allegro? You have to justify it

Allegro has changed the way it gives ratings for purchases. These negative ones now need to be justified by choosing one of the available options. In the case of a positive assessment, there is no such obligation.

From April 15, 2024, in the rating form on the website Allegro a list of reasons is displayed by which the buyer can justify his rating. The option indicated by him will be visible to the seller in the “Received ratings” tab, but will not be visible to other buyers on the list of ratings for a given seller. Allegro informs in a statement that justifications will not affect the seller's statisticsi.e. sales rating, referral percentage and sales quality.

How it's working?

When a buyer recommends shopping from a given seller, he or she can choose one of the following justifications:

  • Nice service,
  • The seller responds quickly,
  • Ecological shipment,
  • Well-protected product,
  • Delivery on time,
  • Delivery ahead of time.

However, choosing one of the above-mentioned options is not obligatory – in the case of a positive assessment, the customer does not have to indicate the reason for his decision. The situation is different in the case of issuing a negative rating. Then providing justification is necessary. When a buyer indicates that he or she does not recommend purchasing from a given seller, he or she must indicate the reason for his or her decision. The following options are available:

  • Rude service,
  • No reaction to the message,
  • Delayed refund
  • Non-ecological packaging,
  • Poorly secured product,
  • Late delivery,
  • A product different than what was ordered was delivered,
  • A damaged product was sent,
  • Incomplete order,
  • The order has not been delivered,
  • No VAT invoice,
  • I suspect that the product is not genuine.

Failure to provide a justification for a negative opinion means that the buyer will not be able to issue it to the seller. However, you will still be able to add your own comment to the rating.

Why this justification?

Allegro justifies the addition of the obligation to justify a negative rating by the fact that a large part of buyers do not add comments to their ratings. This way, not every seller knows what influenced a given customer's positive or negative shopping experience. Thanks to the justifications, he can learn:

  • what buyers appreciate most when shopping from a given seller,
  • What can he improve so that customers recommend shopping in his store?

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