Jesteś słaby w FPS-ach? To może nie być Twoja wina

Are you bad at FPS? It may not be your fault

Are you bad at FPS games? It may not be entirely your fault. Recent research shows that it may be genetically determined.

Not everyone has a knack for games like CS2, Valorant or Call of Duty. I am a perfect example of this myself. Recent research by scientists from Trinity College Dublin suggests that it may not be entirely our fault. The problem may be our genetic predispositions.

Why are you bad at FPS?

Scientists examined 80 people aged 18 to 35. They checked how quickly they would begin to perceive a flashing image as a steady one. The results showed that while some people were no longer able to detect flicker at as low as 35 flashes per second, others were still able to detect flicker at over 60 times per second.

What lessons were learned? According to Clinton Haarlem, a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, this shows that some of us have access to more visual information than those at the other end of the spectrum. If you still notice flickering even at 60 flashes per second, you process information better and faster, which can have a huge impact on your ability to play, for example, first-person shooter games.

The research was supervised by prof. Kevin Mitchell, who is a neuroscientist. He noted that each of us has access to our own subjective experience and therefore we expect other people to perceive the world in the same way. Meanwhile, this is not the case, which the above study perfectly confirms.

Moreover, the experiment revealed little difference between women and men. Moreover, the skill seems to remain stable even over long periods of time. Scientists don't know yet whether this is a trait that can be trained in some way, or maybe we are born with it and no training will help. For players, the first option is more positive because it assumes possible improvement. However, it cannot be ruled out that it is genetics that make me so weak at Valorant, or at least that is how I will explain it to myself.

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