Apple would have a solution before iOS 17

Apple would have almost finished developing a patch to correct the autonomy problems encountered by some users since the deployment of iOS 16.5.

Are you having battery life issues on your iPhone since the deployment of iOS 16.5 in May? Well rest assured, you obviously won’t have to wait for the public launch of iOS 17 this fall to see an improvement. According to Tom’s Guide, Apple would indeed have a patch for you, almost finalized, and expected with iOS 16.5.1. This patch should also arrive soon since Apple is already beta testing the intermediate version of iOS which will come after (16.6).

Clearly, a solution should be available in the coming weeks, or even before, on the iPhone 8 or more recent, underlines the specialized media. So you shouldn’t have to be patient for too long.

Autonomy concerns… but not only

Remember that the battery life problems observed on iPhone after the arrival of iOS 16.5 are not the only inconveniences caused by this spring update. Other users, for example, have mentioned problems with charging as well as an abnormal rise in temperatures on their device.

At the same time, iOS 16.5 had also been talked about for inducing the end of support for a practical accessory for iPhone and iPad: the Lightning to USB 3 adapter. Dedicated to photographers, the latter is used in particular to easily retrieve photos taken with a reflex or hybrid camera. However, this adapter had fallen into disuse (at least partially) with the adoption of the USB-C standard by recent iPads.

Note that beyond the correction of the problems mentioned above, iOS 16.5.1 should also provide a solution to users who have encountered bugs with the weather application (imprecise prediction in particular) and untimely Wi-Fi disconnections on their iPhone.

Expected this fall in the final version, iOS 17 will bring many new features, including a StandBy mode (allowing you to transform the iPhone into the perfect bedside table accessory), a function to avoid holding the screen too close to your eyes, or yet the Journal application designed to help the user keep track of good memories.

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