Apple would bet on a new, more premium design inspired by MacBooks

Mentioned by several rumors in recent weeks, the change in design of Apple’s Magic Keyboard would allow the keyboard to adopt a style closer to that of MacBooks… while integrating a large trackpad that is much more pleasant to use.

Did you spend almost 370 euros to pay for the services of a brand new Magic Keyboard? You may soon regret it bitterly. Still in the Apple catalog at an unchanged price since its announcement, the Californian giant’s high-end keyboard would soon be replaced by a brand new model significantly outperforming the current version, both in terms of design and comfort of use.

This is what Mark Gurman tells us this week, who supports with new information the rumors suggesting the arrival of this brand new Magic Keyboard. According to the journalist for Bloomberg, often well informed when it comes to Apple, the firm would be banking on a new model supposed to accompany the launch of the next iPad Pro. The latter would benefit in particular from a brand new aluminum chassis and a larger trackpad.

Goodbye plastic, hello aluminum?

According to Mark Gurman, these two changes would allow the next version of the Magic Keyboard to have a look closer to that of the latest MacBooks, but also to offer users a level of comfort similar to that of Apple laptops. . This would be a more than welcome change, particularly in terms of trackpadthat of the current model being far too small to be really pleasant to use on a daily basis.

The abandonment of plastic in favor of aluminum for the chassis of this new keyboard would also constitute a major change compared to what we know at the moment. Apple would therefore offer a more “premium“, but we doubt that this will improve the stability of the whole on soft surfaces (for working on the knees or in bed for example). Also be careful: the aluminum would only concern the interior of the accessory… the external part would remain the same, more or less.

I’m told that, when closed, the Magic Keyboard’s outer shell will retain the current model’s cover material. It will also continue to feature a USB-C port“, explains Mark Gurman. We also don’t know what the price of this new keyboard would be. It’s hard to see Apple passing the 400 euros mark… but it wouldn’t be the first time that the firm has raised its prices without warning… especially on the French market.

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