Apple would be working on a folding iPhone, and that’s thanks to Samsung

The boss of Samsung Display said he worked to significantly improve the quality of folding screens. Enough to allow Apple to finally launch its own foldable iPhone.

Today, smartphones with foldable screens are legion and few manufacturers have not yet entered this market segment. The most notable absentee is undoubtedly Apple, which has so far been content to offer iPhones in a more classic format.

Nevertheless, it seems that Apple is indeed working on a folding iPhone, as the site reports. The Electric. Indeed, during the SID Review professional event, organized by Korean screen manufacturers, the boss of Samsung Display, Baek Seung-in, confirmed that the company was working hard to develop folding screens of sufficiently good quality. for The Elec, there is no doubt that these efforts are aimed at allowing Apple to develop its own foldable iPhone:

Apple is working on a foldable project with Samsung Display and LG Display. Apple itself also continues to file patents on folding screen technologies. In the industry, the arrival of Apple is cited as a necessary condition for expanding the market for folding products. To do this, it will be necessary to improve the folds on the interior screen in order to satisfy Apple.

A crease that Apple would like to see disappear

On the occasion of the SID Review conference, Baek Seung-in precisely made the inventory of folding screens, explaining that one of the most complex elements remains the fold visible when the screen is unfolded: “ I have been working for several years to improve the folding of smartphones, but it has not completely disappeared yet “.

However, some smartphone manufacturers have managed, over the past two years, to considerably improve the experience thanks to a so-called teardrop design. This is particularly the case with Oppo on its Find N2 and Find N2 Flip. Samsung itself could adopt the same format for its folding smartphones expected next week, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

Remember that Samsung Display does not provide screens only to Samsung Electronics, but to the entire industry. Its panels can therefore be purchased to integrate them into the next Samsung models as well as into folding smartphones from other manufacturers, such as Oppo, Xiaomi or… Apple.

Rumors of a folding iPhone have been swirling around for years. Already last September, the site The Electric indicated that Apple was working with Samsung Display and LG Display in order to offer a screen of sufficiently good quality… in particular by reducing the fold.

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