Apple tempers expectations around App Store alternatives and app sideloading

With iOS 17, Apple will have to submit to new European regulations, but the firm wants to take all the insurance in the world not to go faster than the music.

Apple unveiled iOS 17 at WWDC, putting aside a long-awaited new feature, the ability to sideload apps onto the iPhone without going through its App Store. It was, however, a very important rumor around iOS 17, and for good reason, it originated from a European obligation.

Apple software boss Craig Federighi was asked about this topic by John Gruber as part of a podcast.

Submit without overdoing it

After a few short jokes around the subject, Craig Federighi takes his seriousness to answer this question which concerns an obligation on the part of the EU concerning Android and iOS: “ we want to make sure that everything we do is good for our customers and the safety of our customers “.

Apple didn’t mention app sideloading at #WWDC23except for when @gruber explicitly asked Craig Federighi about it during The Talk Show.
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He goes on to say that Apple is currently working with the European Union on how the firm could comply with the obligation while ensuring this level of security. We understand that the ash brand of four irons on this idea and will make sure to respect the regulations while opening up its application system as little as possible to competition.

The revenue generated each year by the App Store through the commission on application or game payments, through advertising or through the commission on subscriptions, is staggering. This is a financial windfall that Apple absolutely wants to preserve.

Difficult to conclude on the integration of the possibility of installing applications without going through the App Store in iOS 17. The obligation will come into force in Europe from March 2024. Apple could therefore play the watch until a iOS 17 update. In addition, this opening could be limited to iPhones marketed in Europe. One thing is certain, Apple should not shout it from the rooftops the day this possibility will be offered.

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