Apple rolls out its corrective iOS update

The iPhone 15 launch was marred by user complaints of overheating issues. Speculations were not long in coming, pointing fingers at different components and features. However, Apple, after investigation, identified a bug in iOS 17 and issues with third-party apps as the cause of the issues. An update is already available.

The iPhone 15 Pro started its career in controversy with users reporting recurring overheating issues. These unexpected incidents quickly gave rise to much speculation. Initially, things like the indexing process and the USB-C cable were singled out, although these claims were quickly refuted.

The American firm quickly spoke out to clarify this situation. Following a significant number of user feedback, Apple launched an internal investigation to understand the origin of the thermal malfunctions of its latest product. The complaints recorded during this launch were more significant than during previous introductions of new models.

Investigations revealed that these overheating problems were multifactorial. Indeed, Apple has identified a bug within the iOS 17 operating system, directly impacting the thermal management of the device. At the same time, the Cupertino company observed that updates of third-party applications were excessively demanding the processor, causing an abnormal rise in the temperature of the iPhone 15 Pro.

iOS 17.0.3: a saving update

To rectify the situation, Apple promptly deployed iOS 17.0.3 update. Stamped with build number 21A360, this version corrects the overheating issues identified and reported by the community. iPhone 15 Pro owners can access this update by navigating within the app Settingsthen selecting General Then Software updatee.

Apple, in its press release, emphasizes the importance of this update by describing it as essential. “ This update provides important bug fixes, security updates, and resolves an issue that may cause iPhone to overheat », Specifies the apple brand. Therefore, the firm strongly encourages all eligible users to install iOS 17.0.3 to benefit from these crucial improvements and fixes.

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