Apple M4, czyli nowy i potężny układ Amerykanów

Apple M4, a new and powerful American system

Americans are not slowing down. Their latest SoC – Apple M4 – includes a number of changes that bring a significant jump in performance and improved energy efficiency.

Apple today presented a number of interesting devices, and many new tablets have been added to the Americans' portfolio. However, the most interesting of them is certainly the very slim and exceptionally efficient model iPad Pro (2024) available in 11″ and 13″ variants.

Apple promises up to x4 higher performance

All thanks to the proprietary next-generation SoC, i.e Apple M4. We are talking about systems made in an improved way 3 nanometer lithography from the industry leader, TSMCwhich brings a significant increase in performance.

Apple M4 is a processor that offers up to 10 physical cores, in a configuration of four large, high-performance cores and six small, energy-saving cores. Americans brag a number of optimizationsand, especially in the case of machine learning (ML/AI). We are talking about up to x1.5 higher CPU performance than in Apple M2.

Apple M4, a new and powerful American system

It completes it powerful integrated graphics system (iGPU) equipped with 10 execution units. It has achieved significant results fixes for hardware ray tracing and introduces AV1 codec, which was missing in iPads. According to the manufacturer we are talking about up to 4x higher efficiency compared to Apple M2.

Apple M4, a new and powerful American system

This is the icing on the cake advanced NPU system equipped with 16 cores and capable of processing up to 38 trillion operations per second. And so x60 faster than Apple A11 Bionic. This will be especially useful in ML/AI tasks, such as recognizing objects in photos and videos.

Apple M4, a new and powerful American system

Apple also claims that The M4 is a big leap in terms of energy efficiency. So that means longer operating time on one charge, but also less impact on the natural environment. However, this will only be possible to check after some time in the first independent tests.

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