Apple szykuje komputer, jakiego jeszcze nie było

Apple is preparing a computer that has never existed before

Apple is working on the next version of the MacBook. The new model is supposed to be groundbreaking – it will be equipped with a display that we have never seen before in the giant’s devices.

Apple is constantly working on expanding its offer of computers MacBook. Although the last major premiere – MacBook Air with the Apple M3 chip – took place without much fanfare, it looks like we can expect a much more revolutionary product in the near future.

Apple is preparing a MacBook with a foldable display

As he suggests Ming Chi Kuoa well-known analyst specializing in predicting the next actions of the Cupertino giant, the company is working on a new laptop equipped with foldable display. The device would use a diagonal panel 20.3″, and the idea itself is currently being actively developed by Apple. The device would go into mass production in 2027.

If Kuo’s predictions are confirmed, this will not be the first foldable product with the Apple logo. The company is expected to start producing its foldable iPhone or iPad in 2025 or 2026. We don’t know yet what exactly such a device would look like, but by the time the manufacturer releases its revolutionary laptop, the manufacturer will have the opportunity to gain some experience with this type of equipment.

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