Apple is bringing 3D Touch back to life…but not quite the way you imagine

Abandoned from the iPhone 11, 3D Touch technology is somehow returning to iOS 17, through a feature linked to the haptic feedback of the screen. The latter provides a faster haptic response to simulate the rendering of 3D Touch.

Do you miss 3D Touch? You’re not alone, but a feature in iOS 17 might just put a smile on your face. At least in part. As WCCFTech reports, Apple should indeed deploy a novelty in the next version of the system allowing it to “simulate” a little better the rendering of 3D Touch fire, and this with the help of a faster haptic response during a click and hold on certain icons or interface elements.

As a reminder, 3D Touch was a technology introduced with the iPhone 6S, capable of interpreting different levels of pressure exerted at a point on the screen. Much appreciated, this technology notably offered access to additional options through a click on certain applications, for example.

However, it was abandoned by Apple from the iPhone 11, in favor of a simple extended click system with haptic feedback, “Haptic Touch”, taking into account only the duration of the click… and no longer the pressure exerted by the user.

One less reason for frustration with iOS 17?

Faced with the immediacy of 3D Touch, the feedback of this new system, however, failed to convince all users who had experienced the old method. A point that Apple is obviously trying to correct with iOS 17.

New Fast Haptic Touch option in iOS 17 feels like 3D Touch! 🤩 #ios17

— Apple Intro (@AppleIntro) June 22, 2023

Indeed, we learn that the next version of the operating system will make it possible to more finely adjust the duration of the click required before the triggering of this “Haptic Touch” function. The idea? Allowing to get as close as possible to the rendering offered in its time by 3D Touch thanks to a shorter response time before the interaction is taken into account.

To access this new feature, go to the iPhone settings, under the “Accessibility” section, then in the “Touch” tab and finally in the “Haptic Touch” option. Note, however, that this novelty is currently only accessible through the iOS 17 beta, reserved for developers.

However, it should soon be accessible to more users through the open beta that Apple will launch soon. Logically, it should finally be deployed on a large scale on the final version of iOS 17 this fall.

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