Apple could soon suffer from a major competitor to its Vision Pro

A competitor to the Vision Pro… for less money, this is what Meta would like to be able to launch by 2025 with the support of the Korean LG. The two firms have in fact joined forces to begin the development of a high-end mixed reality headset, capable of competing with that of Apple.

Full of avant-garde technologies, the Apple Vision Pro impressed with its technique in June, when it was announced… but we learned that the mixed reality headset from Apple, expected in early 2024, could quickly have company on the market. walk. According to information gleaned from a Korean site by WCCFTech, the technological advance of Apple’s headset would have pushed the competition to focus on the development of alternative models.

And if we already knew that an equivalent product was in preparation at Samsung, we learned this week that Meta and LG would work together on a high-end headset of their own. This would be expected somewhere in 2025 and would have the first advantage of being marketed at a price significantly lower than the 3,500 dollars claimed by Apple for the Vision Pro.

Towards a high-end Quest 4 Pro?

In this case the future Meta headset, designed in partnership with LG, would have the acronym “Pro” (which would not be surprising). It could also be the Quest 4 Pro, reports WCCFTech. That being said, Mark Zuckerberg’s firm would not be ready for about two years. In the meantime, it would therefore be banking on a low-cost model (less than $200) that could be marketed from 2024. The potential Quest 4 Pro would, for its part, be sold at 10 times more expensive: around $2,000 according to estimates from the research firm. analysis NH Investment & Securities.

A price placement “ aggressive » facing Apple, which Samsung would also like to adopt with its own mixed reality headset. “ Samsung Electronics should position its product between the Vision Pro and the Meta Quest. This product should be high-end like that of Apple, but its price would be lower (…) to make it more accessible to the general public. It is even possible that it will be lowered “, says the firm.

It remains to be seen whether in the face of much more accessible competitors, the price placement of Apple’s headset will truly remain tenable. If Samsung and Meta manage to launch headsets as advanced as Apple’s at much cheaper, we can think that the Cupertino giant will be forced to review its position… or launch another more affordable model. A track that was already the subject of rumors a few months ago.

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