another electric mountain bike at a very low price… and a few concessions

A new, very affordable electric mountain bike has recently appeared in the Decathlon catalog. This is the Rockrider E-ST 100 in its 2023 version, whose price of 999 euros necessarily calls for significant concessions. We will explain everything to you.

Stilus E-Big Mountain, Stilus E-Touring, Rockrider E-EXPL 520, Riverside 520E: in recent months, Decathlon has clearly been busy in terms of electric bikes, with a slew of new models belonging to the mountain bike and hybrid bike families , for all tastes and all budgets.

Another newcomer has recently appeared in the catalog of the tricolor sign: the Rockrider E-ST 100 in its 2023 version, decked out with the annotation “New”. Inevitably, the price of this mount calls out immediately: 999 euros for a semi-rigid VTTAE – only suspended at the front -, this can make you want to.

For modest uses

But as with each new electrified biclou, it is necessary to analyze its technical data sheet to understand the ins and outs. And inevitably, at barely 1000 euros, the concessions are numerous and the entry-level components are legion.

Already, the Rockrider E-ST 100 is not an electric mountain bike cut out for crossing obstacles or enduro (downhill). As a semi-rigid, it is intended for off-road hikes, moderate elevation and technically affordable routes, explains the favorite brand of the French.

decathlon rockrider ES-T 100

Also, the presence of a rotation sensor is altogether normal at this price, but not the most ideal. A rotation sensor – or cadence as Decathlon calls it – works as follows: electrical assistance is sent when a pedal turn is detected.

Consequences: a lag time is generally palpable between the moment you start pedaling and the moment you receive electrical assistance. This does not promote natural or dynamic behavior, as we have seen in our many e-bike tests.

Autonomy around 60 km

Conversely a torque sensor, found on more expensive e-bikes. The torque sensor works differently: the electric assistance is sent proportionally to the force you put into the pedals. The responsiveness is immediately there, which also guarantees better control of your machine with which you have the impression of being one.

decathlon rockrider ES-T 100

With a torque of 42 Nm – which is correct – the rear motor is associated with a 380 Wh battery which is fixed on the lower tube of the frame. This accumulator is supposed to guarantee a range of 60 km, but Decathlon does not specify with which mode – Eco, Normal or Boost – this value was obtained.

In reality, manufacturers usually indicate a radius of action relative to the weakest mode.

Disc brakes… mechanical

The favorite brand of the French has not dipped into high-end transmission groups, since you are dealing here with a Microshift group – 8 speeds in total. It would also have been preferable to install hydraulic disc brakes, and not mechanical as is the case here. These are the single piston Tektro TKD68s.

Hydraulic disc brakes clearly have a better reputation for delivering crisp, reassuring and progressive braking. At the front, the SUNTOUR XCT 30 suspension fork offers a generous travel of 100 mm to bring its dose of comfort and absorb shocks well. It’s promising on paper.

For its part, the weight varies between 21.5 and 21.9 kg depending on the size of the model (S, M, L and XL). All components are guaranteed for 2 years, or even for life for the frame.

Concessions to accept to save

You will have understood it: the technical sheet of this Decathlon Rockrider E-ST 100 is a reflection of its price. You won’t have the most incredible experience riding it, but this model gives you access to hardtail electric mountain bikes at very low prices, as long as you don’t mind the multiple concessions explained here.

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