Android is full of new features, without going through Android 14

At Apple, you have to wait for major iOS updates to benefit from new features. At Google, it’s different. Here is a Feature drop loaded with new functions.

The era of Android as we know it is long gone. Android 14 will bring few new features, but Google doesn’t need that.

Indeed, this Tuesday, September 5, 2023, Google announced an overhaul of the Android identity, accompanied by a change of logo. However, perhaps the most intriguing aspect is the new approach to Android features with the Feature drop.

An Assistant at your fingertips: “At A Glance”

The first innovation concerns the Google Assistant. The new widget, called “At A Glance”, is here to transform your Android experience.

Using artificial intelligence, this widget is designed to anticipate your needs. Whether it’s an upcoming weather alert, an update on your next flight or a reminder for an upcoming event, ‘At A Glance’ brings this information straight to your home screen, exactly when you need it most.

Lookout makes images accessible to everyone

Inclusion and accessibility are at the heart of Apple, Google… and Lookout’s new feature, called “Image Q&A”, is proof of this. For those who have difficulty seeing or are blind, navigating the images can be a challenge. Image Q&A uses AI to provide detailed descriptions of visual content.

After selecting an image, the user can ask follow-up questions, either by typing or using voice, to get more information about the image’s content. Additionally, the Lookout app is expanding its linguistic horizon by adding 11 new languages, bringing the total to 34.

Google Wallet: your digital wallet is enriched

The all-digital era is taking shape with Google Wallet. Gone are the days when you had a multitude of physical cards for different services.

Now, by simply scanning the barcode or QR code of a card, whether it’s your gym membership or library card, you can store a secure digital version in your Google Wallet .

Android Auto: self-working and meetings on the fly

With remote working becoming the norm for many, Android Auto is taking the next step by integrating services like Cisco’s Webex and Zoom.

Imagine being able to start and join audio conferences from your car, while checking the schedule of your upcoming meetings.

Call management is advertised as intuitive, allowing you to mute the microphone or end a call with ease.

Personal routines: listen to your sleep data

For those who track their sleep habits via Fitbit or Google Fit, Google is bringing a feature that will change your morning routine.

By simply adding your sleep data to your “Good Morning Routine”, a simple “ Hey Google, hello » will allow you to obtain a summary of your sleep statistics from the previous night.

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