Wodór - do czego służy i jakie szanse daje w transporcie

And what is this hydrogen? Poles have no idea

Only every third Pole knows that hydrogen is an energy carrier. Mainly older Poles know about its use in energy and transport, while the rest stopped at the primary school stage – according to a study conducted by the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Dr. Marek Troszyński from the Digital Civilization Observatory at Collegium Civitas and an expert of the Łukasiewicz Research Network emphasizes that knowledge about hydrogen in society is low. Study on a group of over 2,000 Poles aged 18-65 showed that only 38 percent respondents recognize hydrogen as an energy carrier. What's more, the greatest awareness of this element occurs in the age group 50-65.

Most associations related to hydrogen are descriptive, technical or scientific, with no clear emotional connotation. People do not have clearly formed ideas about hydrogen, which makes it impossible to develop uniform attitudes towards this technology. Even though the media increasingly hears about the use of hydrogen in transport or home heating, most respondents are unable to indicate specific examples of hydrogen use. Only 19 percent have often heard about hydrogen-powered cars, and 21 percent about buses powered by this element.

The report of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego informs that about 6 percent Local governments' investments in zero-emission transport are hydrogen buses, and by 2028 this percentage is expected to increase to 17%. Few people realize that hydrogen already plays an important role in energy production, especially in transport. This is particularly important in the context of rising energy prices on global markets, caused by, among others, conflict in Ukraine.

As part of the project “Strategy for the security of hydrogen technologies in Poland for 2022-2030”, Łukasiewicz – ITECH experts have prepared action programs aimed at increasing public awareness of hydrogen technologies. They point to the need for a communication strategy that will provide reliable information on the benefits of using hydrogen as an energy carrier.

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