ANBERNIC RG35XXSP cena promocja okazja

ANBERNIC with a new console. Design from those borrowed

Mobile retro consoles have stormed into the pockets of millennials and younger retrogaming enthusiasts. The iconic ANBERNIC has just presented the RG35XXSP model with a very familiar design.

We have been observing a sharp increase in interest in retro consoles since the pandemic. Until recently, it was difficult to find properly functioning retro consoles for less than a thousand zlotys, now it often costs PLN 200-300 for very good equipment. ANBERNIC has been one of the key suppliers in this matter for years, having just presented the ANBERNIC RG35XXSP model.

ANBERNIC RG35XXSP color versions

This is an obvious nod to Game Boy Advance SP fans and the manufacturer was not even afraid to directly compare the Nintnendo classic to its own product:

According to the manufacturer's announcement, the console's computing power will allow for trouble-free emulation PSP, N64, NDS, DOS, DC, PS1 and over 30 other retro gaming platforms. Due to support for WiFi 5 transferring ROMs to internal memory is supposed to be even easier, and we can do that stream games from PC using moonlight streaming. It is also possible to play multiplayer online in selected titles, which means that the retro console goes far beyond its predecessors.

ANBERNIC RG35XXSP price promotion opportunity

HDMI output or support for Bluetooth 4.2 in turn, they allow you to turn this little thing into a console with a large screen and a full-size pad.

Considering the range of supported console games, the new proposal should not discourage us with its price. It's more like PLN 300-400 than amounts above PLN 1,000. Sales are expected to start at the end of May or the beginning of June.

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