Anbernic RG35XX SP nadchodzi. Mamy obrazowy dowód

Anbernic RG35XX SP is coming. We have pictorial proof

We should soon see another device from the extremely popular Anbernic RG35XX series on the market. We know the first details.

The inconspicuous Anbernic RG35XX handheld, enabling emulation of games from retro consoles, unexpectedly turned out to be a real hit. This is indirectly confirmed by the moves of the manufacturer itself, which, in addition to the premiere model, has already introduced an enlarged Plus variant and a horizontal H variant. Meanwhile, it turns out that this is not the end.

According to rumors circulating on the Internet, Anbernic is on the eve of the premiere of the next version of the RG35XX. This time it is a model in the form of a powder compact, similar to the iconic Game Boy Advance SP, marked – which is understandable in this context – with the SP symbol.

Anbernic RG35XX SP, the same thing again, but different

The available information shows that the device will receive a 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 640×480 px and a Wi-Fi module. Apart from that, it will be no different from its brethren, offering, among others: 4-core Allwinner H700 chip, 1 GB RAM, 3300 mAh battery and USB-C connector. But once again – the latter is used only for charging.

It is not known when exactly the RG35XX SP will appear on the market, but it is said to happen in the first half of this year. What will please fans is that, like other representatives of this series, the equipment will be relatively inexpensive. Its retail price is expected to not exceed $70, or approximately PLN 280.

Taking this opportunity, for those who are currently considering purchasing the current RG35XX, it is worth mentioning that the device has become more affordable than ever before. On AliExpress, it is easy to find offers around PLN 200, and sellers can add a charger or protective glass, or both.

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