Pamięć RAM wypaliła ślad na karcie graficznej

An unusual phenomenon. The RAM has burned a trace on the graphics card

More and more gaming equipment has RGB backlighting. It turns out that they can cause problems.

For a reason I don't understand, many gaming devices today have RGB backlighting. This applies to both specific components and accessories. Almost everything has to shine today. In some cases, this pursuit of useless colors may result in burn-outs on other computer components.

The RAM has burned a trace on the graphics card

Within a short period of time, two Reddit users reported a similar, unusual event. They noticed that the backplate of their graphics cards was damaged in some way. This isn't a huge issue that threatens the life of the GPU, but in both cases, a regular burnt pattern appeared on the back casing of the GPU.

It didn't take long to find the reasons for this burnout. It quickly turned out that RAM memories, specifically their RGB backlight, were responsible for this. The burnt pattern perfectly matches the way the diodes on them glow.

photo: Reddit (DefectedCat)

How is this possible? Some RGB LEDs emit wavelengths that fall into the upper range of UV light (375-400 nm). It was probably this, combined with poor quality paint on the graphics card, that gave this effect. Another possibility is that RGB LEDs generate heat. Ultimately, it could also have been a combination of both of these factors.

It's not a big problem. After all, it's just a light burn on the metal. Besides, it's hard to even call it burnout. The paint just changed color. This does not change the fact that manufacturers should work to eliminate this phenomenon in the future.

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