An unexpected feature of Vision Pro.  Apple Goggles have found a new use

An unexpected feature of Vision Pro. Apple Goggles have found a new use

Apple’s latest product isn’t just for entertainment. It turns out to be an important element of some extremely demanding operations.

Apple is another player that entered the VR glasses market. Their latest Vision Pro device was warmly welcomed by the brand’s fans. However, thanks to their advanced functions, they are used not only in entertainment. They are also used by professionals, calling them “game changers”.

Apple Vision Pro is an indispensable element of complex treatments

Cromwell Hospital in London decided to equip its employees with the latest VR goggles from Apple. Vision Pro accompanied the medical team during two complicated spine surgeries. Doctors and nurses who have worked with the device admit that it has the potential to become a useful medical tool.

It should be noted, however, that it was not the surgeon who had them on his head during the operation, but the nurses. Vision Pro served to view virtual screens imposed on the operating room to select instruments and monitor surgical progress.

However, the Apple Vision Pro goggles themselves would be of no use if it were not for eXeX’s proprietary software. It is already known that more companies intend to create their own goggle applications, thereby facilitating the work of more doctors and specialists. Stryker plans to release the myMako app to help doctors surgically plan hip and knee replacements.

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