An unexpected blow from the US towards China.  This producer will suffer

An unexpected blow from the US towards China. This producer will suffer

The US government has decided to withdraw some chip export licenses for the Chinese company Huawei. The new restrictions may be related to the premiere of the new version of the Huawei MateBook X laptop.

This equipment appeared among the premieres presented in April 2024, about a month ago. The manufacturer boasted about this laptop pointing to simultaneous use of Intel processors and artificial intelligence. As the BBC points out, the decision of the US Department of Commerce was to take place after the premiere of this equipment. Simultaneously the office did not specify exactly which permits were canceled.

No comment

According to the British media, Intel declined to comment on this matter. The BBC also sent a similar request to Huawei and Qualcomm (an American giant producing, among others, chips). The Department of Commerce decision itself is, of course the result of the ongoing trade war between the US and China. The new provision is intended to expand the scope of sanctions, but it has also come under quite surprising criticism, pointing out that this is a purely political decision. It is said to be the result of pressure from Republicans who have the majority in Congress and are opposed to President Joe Biden. In this context The fact that the presidential elections will be held in the United States at the end of this year may also be important.

The US limited its export of chips and other technological solutions to Huawei several years ago. The reason was alleged connection with the Chinese military. The sanctions were severe, although the company seemed to be getting back into shape recently. Not without significance in all this was the fact that some American companies, including However, Intel and Qualcomm have been granted a license to provide non-5G technologies to Huawei – emphasizes the BBC.

New decision of the Department of Commerce This is not the only repression related to the trade war between the US and China. Recently, President Biden signed a bill that could ban the video app TikTok across the US. Only sale by the Chinese parent company can save it. TikTok has already filed a lawsuit to block this bill. Beijing, on the other hand, condemned Washington's actions against its companies, describing them as “economic intimidation.”

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