Mercedes G-Wagen w wersji elektrycznej

An off-road legend without a pipe. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time

Mercedes G-Wagen is a symbol of luxury among people who love mud splashing under the wheels. However, even this angular dream object must move with the times.

Now you can grind gravel in the backcountry and not emit a single molecule of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. You can sit on soft napa leather surrounded by the latest technological achievements and connect to Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Yes, the Mercedes G-Wagen got an electric engine.

Mercedes G EQ

The electric Mercedes G is already here

The Mercedes G-Wagen with an electric engine is a model long awaited by the brand's fans. The design certainly won't disappoint. Under the angular (by today's standards) hood there are four individually controlled engines. Their joint maximum power is 432 kW, which corresponds to 580 horsepower. The maximum torque is 1164 newton meters. On a flat road it will accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds. Its maximum speed is electronically limited to 180 km/h.

Electric Mercedes off-roader

The whole thing will be powered by a 116 kWh battery. It is intended to provide a range of 473 km, measured in accordance with the WLTP standard. The question is how much off-road driving it can handle. It is worth remembering that on off-road roads, the available driving time is often more important than the range in kilometers. When you have to drive into the rushes to get a stamp, even 50 meters will be a huge challenge. The battery consists of 216 cells in 12-cell packs and is placed under the cabin floor. It is protected against gravel and stones by a solid plate, 25 mm thick and weighing 57.6 kg, made of proprietary material. Mercedes doesn't say much about it, but we know that it contains carbon. This improves the stiffness of the plate compared to steel and aluminum buckets.

The Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQ (i.e. electric) will be built on a ladder frame. The suspension will not differ from the version with a petrol engine – and it is a real masterpiece. At the front, we get an independent suspension with double wishbones, and at the rear, a modern, rigid axle and double joints. Mercedes argues that this design additionally lowers the car's center of gravity.

Mercedes G580 EQ

The off-roader, apart from its classic appearance and off-road prestige, also has a lot of practical tricks up its sleeve. So we have G-Steering, which reduces the turning radius, and G-Turn, i.e.… turn in place. G-Turn takes advantage of the fact that four motors can run independently and in opposite directions. The system will operate at low speeds on unpaved surfaces.

There will also be 3 runs here off road crawl, used for careful descents, overcoming rocks and other dangers, provided by an electronic reduction gear and an electronically locked differential. The car is to be kept stability on slopes up to 35 degrees – in this it is better than its petrol brother. You can use the electric G enter the water to a depth of 85 cm. The approach angle is 32 degrees, the departure angle is 30.7 degrees, and the breakover angle is 20.3 degrees.

Charging cable at the rear of the Mercedes G EQ

When riding in off-road rallies in nature, a quiet engine can be a big advantage. However, if someone misses the howl and roar, they can turn on the mock sounds of the V8 engine. There is a container on the back that contains the charging cable. However, traditionalists can carry a spare tire here.

There's plenty of power, but the prices are outrageous. Besides, I didn't expect anything else from this series. The Mercedes-Benz G 580 EQ will start with a price tag of 142,621.50 euros. This is approximately PLN 616,000. The Edition One model will be available on the American market and costs $205,432.89. Therefore, they will be much more expensive than the version with a petrol engine. The cars will hit showrooms in the second half of 2024.

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