Procesory AMD Zen 6 Medusa mogą mieć potężne iGPU

AMD Zen 6 Medusa processors can have a powerful iGPU

The first information about AMD processors with the Zen 6 architecture appears. These may have a very efficient iGPU.

Currently, processors with the Zen 4 architecture are available in stores. The next generation, Zen 5, should debut later this year. Meanwhile, there are rumors about the next series that will use the Zen 6 architecture. According to rumors, they will use integrated RDNA 5 graphics chips.

AMD Zen 6

Consumer processors with the AMD Zen 6 architecture are known as Medusa. If everything goes according to the Reds’ plan, they should hit stores at the end of 2025. From the information we know so far, we know that they are to use the new 2.5D interconnect connection, which is intended to reduce latency. Now we hear about integrated graphics that will use the RDNA 5 architecture.

This decision by AMD may seem surprising at first glance. After all, graphics cards with RDNA 4 should debut soon and this architecture seems to be the most obvious choice in the case of Medusa processors. The problem is that RDNA 4 is intended to be something of a transition solution. AMD is to abandon the production of the most powerful models that would compete with NVIDIA. Also, although these are rumors, the new cards will not use GDDR7 memory yet.

Therefore, choosing the newer RDNA 5 architecture in Zen 6 processors seems to be a better decision. Thanks to this, the systems can have really efficient iGPUs, which will allow you to play even more demanding productions, although with appropriately lowered graphics settings.

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