AMD X870E nadciąga. Wiemy czego się spodziewać

AMD X870E is coming. We know what to expect

AMD will offer us new motherboards for Ryzen 9000, but the changes seem cosmetic. And no wonder, because the Reds want to sell the same thing twice.

The latest processors on offer AMD it’s a series Ryzen 8000G, which debuted in January this year. These are arrangements APU combining efficient CPU and iGPU. Everything is based on architectures that have been known to us for a long time Zen 4 and 4c and RDNA3. However, it is no secret that the Reds are already working hard on the next generation.

New motherboards for AMD will be heated cutlets

The next series will be marked AMD Ryzen 9000 and will offer a performance leap thanks to its architecture Zen 5. The whole thing was still created with the nest in mind AM5but we’ll get it anyway new motherboards.

There are rumors on the Internet that with the premiere of AMD Ryzen 9000 Platforms equipped with AMD 800 chipsets will hit the market. Four different layouts should be expected – X870E, X870, B850 and B840/A820.

AMD X870E is coming.  We know what to expect

The Reds apparently require their partners to flagship motherboards offered support for USB 4 and PCI Express 5.0. This would mean combining as many as three systems on the board – two chipsets AMD Promontory 21 and an additional controller ASMedia ASM4242. There is also support for faster DDR5 RAM.

Sounds familiar? Of course! The same systems (minus the ASMedia controller) power the AMD X670(E)/B650 motherboards that have been available for a long time . Fortunately, AMD Ryzen 9000 will run on older platforms, so you won’t have to buy new boardsif someone does not need USB 4 or PCIe 5.0.

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