AMD z rekordowo szybkimi pamięciami RAM. Jest tylko pewien haczyk

AMD with record-breaking RAM memory. There’s a catch

Someone said AMD can’t handle fast RAM? Nothing could be further from the truth! Well, as long as you turn a blind eye to a number of inconveniences…

Just a few days ago, at the end of January, a new series debuted on the market AMD Ryzen 8000G. We are talking about four systems APU, i.e. a combination of an efficient CPU and iGPU. Everything is based on architectures AMD Zen4(c) and RDNA3 and dedicated to motherboards with a socket AMD AM5.

Intel is still the king in DDR5 overclocking

The new processors are already available in stores, and enthusiasts have put them to work and are testing their performance. However, it seems that they also interested fans of extreme overclocking.

Famous South Korean overclocker with a pseudonym SafeDisk he took it into consideration AMD Ryzen 7 8700Gmotherboard ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E GENE and modules G.SKILL Trident Z5. The result of the work is the overclocking of the DDR5 RAM memory to efficient levels 10,346MHz. And all this with standard water cooling (AiO).

AMD with record-breaking RAM memory.  There's just one catch

However, it is worth paying attention to a few issues. Firstly there is no question of any stability here – only managed to basically launch the operating system and the CPU-Z application. Secondly performance is also far from ideal due to very high order delays CL 50-62-62-127.

AMD with record-breaking RAM memory.  There's just one catch

Going further is this the result is far from the current world record from last year, which is 11,648.4 MT/s. Basically, the entire DDR5 overclocking TOP 10 are Intel processors. Finally, there is the question that SafeDisk used an external graphics card to offload the memory controller in the processor. This makes absolutely no sense in the case of the new APU from AMD, which was created with efficient iGPU in mind.

Nevertheless, it is still an impressive record that was achieved without the need for liquid nitrogen cooling. Meaning that SoonHo Jeong he most deserved recognition.

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