AMD z ważnym zapewnieniem. Chodzi o nowe procesory

AMD with an important assurance. It's about new processors

During the AI ​​PC Innovation Summit in Beijing, AMD CEO Lisa Su appeared on stage and made an important declaration about new processors.

Lisa Su, during the AI ​​PC Innovation Summit, referred to the premiere of new processors with the Zen 5 architecture. The head of AMD made an important declaration that confirms previous reports.

Premiere of AMD Zen 5 processors

Lisa Su from the stage assured that the first AMD processors with the Zen 5 architecture will debut later this year. These are models from the Strix Point series, i.e. mobile units, and therefore intended for laptops. These assurances are consistent with the Reds' plans so far.

This premiere is important because these will be the first processors with the Zen 5 architecture. They will also include special AMD XDNA units, which are already available in Hawk Point models (Ryzen 8040), but will be even more powerful in the new CPUs. David Wang talked about up to 3 times higher performance, thanks to which the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) will be better able to handle artificial intelligence. This will be particularly important in the context of the upcoming release of Windows 11 24H2.

AMD Ryzen 9040 Strix Point

In addition, the new processors will use integrated graphics chips with the RDNA3+ architecture, which is also expected to bring numerous improvements, including those related to performance. The exact release date of the first laptops with Strix Point processors is not known, but it is said to be December, just before Christmas.

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