AMD skończyło 55 lat. Amerykanie nie zwalniają tempa

AMD turned 55 years old. Americans are not slowing down

One of the leading companies in the tech world celebrated its birthday yesterday. On this occasion, AMD has published a lot of refreshed, archival materials.

AMD, Intel and NVIDIA this is the big trinity, which is probably known to every person interested in new technologies and/or computers. While yesterday most of us were busy lighting the barbecue and basking in the sun, The Reds celebrated their 55th anniversary.

AMD started by copying Intel chips

AMD was founded May 1, 1969 by Jeremiah Sanders and 7 others who left Fairchild Semiconductor. The beginnings were the production of simple logic circuits, which were later joined by RAM memories. The application of reverse engineering bore fruit Am9080 microprocessorwhich was an Intel 8080 clone.

In later years, there were numerous acquisitions, and one of the more significant is purchasing ATI for $5.6 billion in 2006. The company's situation has been rocky over the years, but now the Reds are involved in both CPU, GPU and AI accelerators. Their systems are used in home computers, workstations and server rooms.

AMD turned 55 years old.  Americans are not slowing down

On the occasion of his 55th birthday AMD published archival photos, which have been refreshed with the help of artificial intelligence. They have a higher resolution and new colors. The 40th birthday video has also been improved, where you can see… Jensen Huangcurrent CEO at NVIDIA.

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