AMD Strix Point nadciąga. Pierwsze laptopy lada moment

AMD Strix Point is coming. The first laptops are coming soon

Need a new laptop? It's worth holding off on shopping. It seems that we are only a moment away from the premiere of new models with AMD Strix Point processors.

AMD is working on new processors for desktop computers and laptops. They will be based on a newer and more efficient architecture Zen 5. And although there are no specifics regarding the premiere date, many people expect the presentation in June, at the Taiwanese fair. Computex 2024.

You can forget about the combination of AMD CPU + AMD GPU

It looks like this is more than likely. ASUS he revealed that he is preparing to premiere 14 new laptops that will be equipped with next-generation systems, i.e AMD Strix Point.

The source of information is the official website of the Taiwanese, which concerns compact ASUS ROG power supplies with a power of 240 and 180 W. The compatible models include new units from the series ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16, TUF Gaming A14, TUF Gaming A16, Creator ProArt P16 and Creator ProArt X13.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G16 (AMD Edition)

  • GA605WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • GA605WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • GA605WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

ASUS TUF Gaming (A14 Series)

  • FA401WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • FA401WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • FA401WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070
  • FA401UU: Hawk Point + RTX 4050
  • FA401UV: Hawk Point + RTX 4060
  • FA401UI: Hawk Point + RTX 4070

ASUS TUF Gaming (A16 Series)

  • FA608WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • FA608WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • FA608WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

ASUS Creator ProArt P16

  • M7606WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • M7606WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060

ASUS Creator ProArt X13

  • HN7306WU: Strix Point + RTX 4050
  • HN7306WV: Strix Point + RTX 4060
  • HN7306WI: Strix Point + RTX 4070

Unfortunately, the exact specification remains unknown. However, we know that ASUS will offer these laptops with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050, RTX 4050 and RTX 4070. However, there will be no alternatives with the AMD Radeon RX 7000M.

AMD Strix Point is coming.  The first laptops are coming soon

And what is known about AMD Strix Point itself? According to previous rumors, this is to be expected 4nm lithography, up to 12 cores (Zen5 + Zen5C) and up to 24 MB L3 and up to 12 MB L2 memory. Integrated graphics systems (iGPU) will be based on the architecture AMD RDNA3+ and hold up to 16 CUs. There will also be some layouts AMD XDNA 2 specialized in tasks related to artificial intelligence.

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