AMD Sound Wave nadciąga. Pojawiły się pierwsze szczegóły

AMD Sound Wave is coming. The first details have emerged

The Americans are preparing for an offensive on the APU market. We learned about AMD’s plans for the coming years, including two mysterious families.

It is the undisputed king of the computer processor market Intelwhich is used by as many as 67.1% of players. AMD however, it doubles and triples, releasing better and better systems, and thus convincing more and more consumers. It so happens that a slide revealing the Reds’ upcoming plans was leaked.

We won’t see AMD Sound Wave until 2026

A graphic was published on the Korean part of the Internet that reveals some secrecy about the subject new APUs, which will go to laptops, game consoles and desktop computers. We’re talking about combining an efficient CPU with a powerful integrated graphics system.

The first processors to hit the market are the family AMD Ryzen 8050also called Strix Point. It is supposed to use architectures AMD Zen 5 and RDNA 3.5. Everything seasoned with a new NPU with 3x greater performance, i.e AMD XDNA 2. All in 7 nm lithography from TSMC. The premiere is planned for the second half of 2024.

AMD Kraken was originally intended to use a combination of AMD Zen 5 + RDNA 4, but this plan was reportedly abandoned in favor of RDNA 3.5. However, the new feature will be more advanced 5nm production process. It is rumored that the Americans will offer us here up to eight large, high-performance cores.

AMD Sound Wave is coming.  The first details have emerged

In case of AMD Sarlak not much is known. Some sources indicate that this is the code name for the best systems from the Strix Point series. Others say this new APU for portable consoles.

In the end we are left with AMD Soundwave, which didn’t appear very often in leaks. The most likely hypothesis assumes the use of technologies that are still being (under)developed, such as architecture AMD Zen 6 and RDNA 5 and 3nm lithography from TSMC. That would suggest premiere only in 2026.

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